Where I can find invoices?

Vlad Kucherov 6 year бұрын updated by Michał Kołodziejski 6 year бұрын 8


I want to export all the invoices for my payments.

Where I can find them?

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You should've got all your invoices on e-mail when they were issued. Maybe you can find them in your inbox?

There's no single publicly available place where you can find all your past invoices. If you wish, I can regenerate them and send you by email.

However, there's one issue with this approach - recently we changed a company name and it turns out that our payment provider doesn't store old invoices. This means that instead of "e-point SA" (the old company) they will be issued by "Vertabelo Sp. z o.o." (the new company) which basically isn't true. We've already contacted our payment provider support and still waiting for their response.


Thanks for the detailed response.

Well I don't have the emails. Can you contact your provider to see if he might give you the invoices of the old company?

I need to send my Accounting guys the invoices for end of the year report.

Yes, we already contacted them and waiting for response. I'll keep you updated.

Tomorrow we'll have a maintenance break and we'll regerenerate all the old invoices. I'll let you know when we have them ready to send you.