Right pane is not visible when editing a model

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When editing a model on Windows 10 Chrome 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit), the right pane only shows an empty gray area.  Showing/hiding the right pane only hides and shows this gray area with no content.  This makes it impossible to edit table definitions.  Reloading the page did not help.

As a workaround, hiding the left pane causes the right pane to show up correctly.

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Sorry for delayed answer. 

What OS are you using? 

As I mentioned above, this is on Windows 10.  It is still happening but seems to be window size related.  Resizing the browser window to different sizes causes the problem to come and go.



Yes, this can be caused by size of the window (aspect ratio of your screen).  We'll fix it.