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API - list models / documents IDs

Mikael COUMET 7 miesięcy temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 3 tygodni temu 5

is there any way to list using API the model ids, in order to use it in API: 


It's a key feature for our use case.

Thank in advance,


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There is no public API to fetch model IDs. I'll add your request to our backlog. 

Do you need any other functionality to be provided by API?

I would like to query the document tree structure in order to retrieve the name, path and model ID associated with each document in the tree.

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Please use following command to fetch list of all documents:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -u $VERTABELO_API_TOKEN: https://my.vertabelo.com/drive

VERTABELO_API_TOKEN is available here https://my.vertabelo.com/my-account (see Settings)

Hi Rafal,

Fantastic, this works :-)

Is there any chance of also returning the path of the document in the My Vertabelo tree?


Hi Mick,

It's on our backlog. We'll notice you when it will be available.