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Seems to be some issue with multi select functionality

Shantanu Kher 6 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Michał Kołodziejski 6 lat temu 2
If I select more than one objects while pressing / key, it selects all those objects for further processing. However it does not display all of them as SELECTED. Only last selected object appears as SELECTED. There seems to be some issue with multiple selection. Please advise.
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What do you mean by "However it does not display all of them as SELECTED."?

When you select obejcts with CTRL pressed, all of the object will be highlighted (selected). Details of the last one will be shown in the right-hand side tab, but you still may move all the selected objects.
To nie jest błąd
No response for 2 months, I mark the issue as "not a bug."