Iframe link from Confluence stopped working

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We have been exposing public model views as IFrames in our Confluence documentation for some time but recently this has stopped working with "Connection refused". Using the link in a normal browser window still works fine. Example:

<iframe src="https://my.vertabelo.com/logical/public-model-view/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?x=6500&y=6500&zoom=0.99" noborder="0" width="1500" height="1000" scrolling="yes" seamless></iframe>

Is there something that has changed in your request handling behaviour?



Under review

There was a change as a part of security hardening. We've blocked embedding our app into iframes.

The preferred way to embed a model is copy&pasting generated Javascript code. But  as a Confluence user you're probably limited to "iframe". 

We'll let you know about the fix/workaround.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks again for your quick answer.

I understand your measures to increase security so well done. Looking forward to hearing a workaround. I suppose it's not possible to simply whitelist IFrame requests from trusted sites such as Confluence?



We're going to check if we can exclude  "public previews" from that security rule. 

Yes, I checked it half an hour ago and everything is back! Thanks very much for your help!!