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This is a Chrome related bug. If you open the page using Firefox  that image will show up. 

We're working on it. Sorry for a delayed answer we had national holiday yesterday.


Thanks for the bug report.

These is no direct support in the UI. 

According to the documentation identity can be added by alter table statement. 


You may put an alter table statement into  "Post creating table"  (see "Additional SQL Script"  table details section)

Subject Areas are designed  for a "forward engineering  workflow" in mind. Reverse engineering doesn't support any subject area generation nor placing tables within given subject area. We know that the placing tables in subject areas by hand takes time. This is the only way right now.

There is no option to group table in specific subject area with one click. 

I see your account is already academic.


Logical models and logical to physical converter are available in Team Plans only.

It is fixed already. Sorry for delayed answer.


We're familiar with Python, but not with Office 365. Please ask you question on https://stackoverflow.com . There is a  community  which can help you, for example: https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=office+365