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Good point! Picking up guys will be easier than entering their emails. I hope you notice that there is email completion :)

We were thinking about 'teams', but decided to simplify company support at the begining. 
I said we don't have plan to support now but it fueled lively discussion here in the office :)  Let's keep this topic open. Please share your ideas/requirements here.

We've made Vertabelo to make prints obsolete. Sharing in read-only mode instead of printing is the Vertabelo way. We don't have a plan to support nice PDF now.   There is a PNG support already.  Question is: "Why do you need PDFs?"

'datetime' is supported. Just can put 'datetime' in type field by hand. It will not give you an error. Type selection popup contains only most common used types.

You can delete a  model on "Model details" page. Here is an instruction how to do this:

  1. Click on "My Models" menu on the top of the page. You'll get list of your models.
  2. Click on the model name you want to delete You'll get "Model details" page
  3. Click "Delete model", you can find it the right side.  You'll get  new list of your models
You can recover deleted model within 30 days.