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Hi Richard,

Thanks for a report. Regarding your report it was a temporary hosting issue. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Hi Chris,

Could you tell what document are you trying to export? I've checked your account and there are only "demo" documents.


There was an unexpected hosting issue. This is fixed now.

Sorry for any  inconvenience caused.


Vertabelo marks non mandatory references using a circle on the PK side of the reference line.

Here is a an example:

We already use dashed line for "shortcuts" representation. Here are more information about managing large diagrams using subject areas and shortcuts:


We had "bulk changes" functionality on our list with ideas, but we'll not implement it in a near future. 

You may download your model as an XML file and edit it by hand. If you're familiar with command line tools please check 

xmlstarlet (


Could you tell us more about this idea?