public link to model showing datatype error warnings not displayed in vertabelo

Jeanette Bromage hace 7 años actualizado por Michał Kołodziejski hace 7 años 4


I've just tested creation of a public link to a postgres test data model. Weirdly, if I follow the link, there are many datatype warnings of 'type not supported by database engine' which is not the case. Is this because a public link is database agnostic?

En revisión

This is a bug - preview should be DBMS aware just as editing mode is. Surprisingly, no one has reported this to us before. We'll fix it soon.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

No problems - when I said I was evaluating your software & trying to 'break things'... I meant it :)


The issue has been fixed and is on production now.
Once again, thanks for reporting this problem.