I would like to create multiple diagrams within a single model

John Rojas 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
It seems that only one diagram is allowed per model.  For large databases, having a single diagram does not work so well.

Why can't you allow creating multiple diagrams for a single model.

Also, subject areas does not work as well, because they require related tables to be close to each other within a diagram.

With multiple diagrams, you can create diagrams specific to some topic and still use subject areas to group tables within the diagram.

In Vertabelo there is one diagram for one model. If you want to divide your models into separated areas "subject area" can help. I think you omit one important functionality related to subject areas. I mean "Shortcuts". Tables, Views and References may have many graphical representations on diagram. So you can have a table visible in two different subject areas that doesn't need to be close to each other.

Here is the short video tutorial about managing large diagrams in Vertabelo  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a79nEA0FN1M&list=P...

The design decision in this matter wasn't simple. It is a trade-off between full abstraction (parts of model + diagrams) and simplicity. In Vertabelo we generally stand up on simplicity, this way some features known from big desktop tools are not available.
Thanks so much for your clear explanation. I was not aware of shortcuts, which is definitely helpful.

Nevertheless, I am still not seeing how this solves our needs. My model is over 100 tables in size, and it seems like your tool forces everyone to work with a view that is always 100 tables in size.

Creating different subject areas in a diagram, and placing shortcuts for related tables feels like I can break my entire model into subject areas and use that way.  But the idea of keeping all those subject areas within one huge diagram is a shortcoming -- my own opinion.  For example, I would like to print a subject area, so I can share with someone in the team.  I would like to make changes only within a subject area as part of an update to the database.  This kind of usability seems to be difficult to manage with a single diagram.

In any case, thanks again for your response and cheers on a good product -- I really wish it would fit our needs better.