Bug: Can't remove person under Share document -> Who has access

Richard Beauchamp 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

I have shared the document, but when I try to remove a person by clicking the X, an error message appears on the base page: Oops we've got a problem. Something went wrong ... Reload Page

Error message is from this call:

  1. Request URL:
  2. Request Method:
  3. Status Code:
    500 Internal Server Error

Under review

We'll investigate the issue. Thank you for reporting this!

Is this problem reproducible in your environment?

The only way I can reproduce it is to open the "Share" popup in two different browser tabs at the same time, unshare in one tab and then try to unshare the same person in the other tab.

If popup is opened in another tab AFTER a person is unshared in the first tab - everything seems to work just as it was designed.


OK, I managed to reproduce the problem. We'll fix it soon.


The issue has been fixed and is on production now.

Once again, thanks for reporting this problem.