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Model versions missing

Stéphan Doucet 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

When I open the model details, I don't see my model versions. I have two tagged versions and they are not there. But when I go in Generate migration script, I can see my two tagged version but they are marked as [autosave]. If I go back in my model details and check the "Show autosaved versions", nothing happens. I see the loading icon but it's going on indefinitely.

Under review

Which DB model are we talking about:

  1. Site***
  2. Fly***
  3. My ***
  4. Sport***

(since this topic is public, I won't reveal the full names without your permission; if you wish, I may move it to private topic)

Putting it in this order, they have: 19, 440, 1 and 2 versions.

You should be able to see those versions after selecting "Show autosave versions" checkbox. If there are many versions, you'll also see two other buttons: "Older versions" and "Show all versions."

We're aware of one bug - multitab issue. When you open two "Model details" pages for two different models in separate browser tabs, they interfere with each other (showing versions of last opened model). Maybe this is also your case? Please try again with one "Model details" page opened at the time to confirm or decline if this is the case.

I am talking about the Fly*** model and I have only one model details opened. As for the "Show autosaved versions" option, like explained in my previous post, it's not working at all (loading icon keep going on indefinitely) and the "Show all versions" button is doing absolutely nothing.

When you're on "Mode details" page and see no versions, do you see two buttons: "Older versions" and "Show all versions", or one button "Show latest versions"?

If the second option is true, please click this "Show latest versions" button and then select "Show autosave versions" checkbox - in this order.

I try to confirm if this is related to "Show all versions" mode, which loads all versions - more than 400 in this case. This may seem as doing nothing since it's a time consuming operation.

The "Model versions" section definitely needs some redesign on our side.

By the way, tagged versions should be visible no matter if the version was autosaved or manually saved. The fix is ready and is in QA stage now.