Link models

mark leavesley 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Philip Snyman 2 jaar geleden 4
If I had a very large model and I wanted to separate areas into different models to avoid distraction and aid on screen clarity, it would be good to link tables between them. I'm starting to have problems with lines crossing other lines and having to spend more time re-arranging than actually designing. If I could separate functional areas out without actually disconnecting them, it would be awesome.

Or...tag tables and colour by tag, hide by tag, something like that.
Under review
You may use "Subject Area" to group tables by theirs category. Here is a video on how to use "Subject Areas" and other features that help organize large diagrams.

Shortcuts will do the job nicely!

I have a similar issue and using the current features will assist nicely but we still have an issue when multiple users need to work on different subject areas of the model. It would be great to be able to past a table shortcut from one model into another as this will allow multiple users to work on different but related models at the same time. Otherwise, we are loving the tool!