How are anonymous models saved between browser sessions?

Timothy Duch 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2
I'm curious as to how Vertabelo is remembering my (anonymous) model between my browser sessions. I have cookies turned off, so where is Vertabelo storing this information? I cleared my history, and the model is magically no longer saved (I figured it was done via cookies... so why is it gone now even though cookies were turned off earlier?). There are obvious reasons as to why this question is important.
Okay, I lied, it's being done via a sessionid/id cookie (apparently the cookie with an 'x' in Chrome doesn't mean cookies are being blocked... but rather some cookies got blocked).

My next question is, how long are the anonymous models stored?
Anonymous models are identified by a long unique token that is stored in a safe cookie (with "secure" and "HttpOnly" flags).
Anonymous models are available for 30 days since creation. If you sign up within this 30 days period, the anonymous model will be automatically transferred to your account and will no longer be available as anonymous.

I hope this clarifies the conception of anonymous models.