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Modify Database

Bhaskar G 8 років тому оновлений 8 років тому 2

Once I generate SQL and create my database, is it possible to generate "modification" sql, which might involve saving old data and re-inserting in new tables?

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Yes you can. We call them "migration scripts".

Here are steps to generate migration script:

1. Sign in

2. Right click on the database model and pick "Model details" option (the last one)

3.On "details" screen click "Generate migration SQL" link (on the right site panel)

4. You'll see the migration tool. Here you can pick a source model and target model or version.

5. Click "Generate"

6. You'll get migration script + warnings.

Hope it help. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

That's great, Thanks. I have another question: do you have spread-sheet style editing of columns?