Support of type "geometry" among the field types

Oreste Tommasi 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Leandro DE SAN JUAN 3 lat temu 3
I am using Vertabelo to design spatial databases, and I would like to have the possibility of defining a "geometry".
If you mean types like "point", "circle", "polygon" in Postgres, they are supported by Vertabelo. They are just not listed in the data type layer. The data type layer only lists the most popular data types. You can type names like "point" into data type field and Vertabelo will accept them.
I think the answer is not complete. Spatial databases use geometry types defined by Open Geospatial Consortium (http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/sfa). Spatial SGBDs: PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, etc.


I am using Vertabelo in order to design spatial databases, but the field type "geometry" isn't alas parsed, leading to truncated tables when generating the diagram. I've edited in many ways the original imported SQL script unsuccessfully.

Any plan to have Vertabelo deal with OGC spatial types mentioned by Helton (eg: geometry(MultiPolygon|MultiLineString|Point|etc,[spatial_ref])?