Importing New Tables Into Model Erases Existing Content

Matthew Evans 7 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 7 years ago 1

I am attempting to import a number of new tables into an existing model, but when I do so (using the SQL Script Option) everything that was in the model previously is erased. Is there way to "merge" in these new tables and not have them simply overwrite what is in place?



There is feature that allows you to copy&paste between database models. Please follow these steps:

1. Create a new model and import SQL file.

2. Select tables, and press "Copy" button (or press Control-C)

3. Click on the model name (It's on the left side of the toolbar)

4. Pick "Switch to model" option

5. Select target model

6. Press "Control-V" or "Paste" button

7. Done

Copy&paste between models works in the same browser tab only. That's why switching between models should be performed this way.

If you interested in other keyboard shortcuts press "Control-I".