I converted my commercial account to an academic account but lost my database models!

Max Wainer 7 years ago updated by Eben Wilson 3 years ago 5

Please help me get my models back. I lost all of my databse models when I converted my account.


Under review


You've closed your account and created new one. You've been warned that your document will be deleted on close. Maybe we should alter this "commercial to academic conversion" message to give more information about the process.

I'm going to find these models. I'll send you them via email.

If I renew a subscription for an old account (the login still works and there is a renew subscription option), will my prior database models still be available in the account? I did not close the account. I just simply did not renew it at some time in the past (April 2018).

Thanks for your help.


Yes. If you renew your account, models still will be available.

Hope this helps,


Adam, thank you! Very much appreciated.