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Support of table and column custom attributes

Diego Zuluaga 5 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 5 years ago 2

Hi there, I've just started using Vertabelo and I really liked it! Kudos!

I have a question that I guess others might have asked already. Is there a way or technique to support custom attributes on a table? The use case for this is that I want to enrich the model beyon the comments. For instance, exporting the data model as XML, then with Node.js for instance, you can generate some sort of tabular report in CSV, Excel, or even JSON with these additional fields. An idea that occurs to me is to embed JSON or XML under comments and parse them there. Any other ideas of people who have done this before me?

Thanks in advance!


There is an internal mechanism to add extra properties to every model entity (table, column, etc). We call it "Additional Property". You may see them in the application. Unfortunately there is no support for adding your own properties right now. Couldn't tell you when it would be available.

Could you tell me what kind of these extra attributes you want add to the table? Are they related to the programming stack you are using (e.g., OR/M attributes)? Or maybe they are related to the business domain?