Add key command for zoom-in/zoom-out

Eric Norcross 7 ár síðan updated by Cédric Malard 1 ár síðan 2

While normally I think the "scroll to zoom" feature is great, it can be pretty difficult to use with a Magic Mouse. I've turned it off, but would love to be able to zoom-in/zoom-out with a key command in addition to the control buttons.

To clarify my original comment, when using an Apple Magic Mouse, the scroll to zoom feature is overly sensitive and will fly in/out at the slightest touch. It's an essentially unusable feature with this mouse; hence the request for a key command.

same issue with a touchpad 👍

(creating a new topic for the request to change the shortcut ;-) https://support.vertabelo.com/communities/1/topics/4324-change-shortcut-for-zooming-inout )