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does not support xmltype datatype

Shantanu Kher 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1

I am building a datamodel for Oracle 11g engine. I need to define a column type as xmltype that Oracle engine very well supports, but It is showing an error message saying 'the engine you chooses does not support the datatype you defined'.

Please assist.

Under review

You're right, Vertabelo currently doesn't fully support this datatype.

However, you may still use it. You may safely ignore Vertabelo's warning and the datatype you provided will be present in the SQL script.

The only limitations are:

- you won't be able to use "CREATE TABLE xxxx of XMLType" syntax,

- you won't be able to set additional properties like storage for this type of columns.

We'll whitelist this datatype soon, so that Vertabelo didn't raise an error.

Thank you for reporting this.