Exclude Firefox from HTML5 error message

Sander in 't Hout 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2

When I try to open a database design, the HTML5 app tells me it only supports Chrome and Safari due to limitation on other browsers.

I tested it on Firefox by changing the user-agent the string Chrome uses and it actually works great. I think the error message should be removed.

Vertabelo's excuse (FF doesn't support HTML5 well enough) is completely bogus and somewhat insulting to the Mozilla team. Firefox supports HTML exceptionally well, even before the incredible 57 beta came out. Vertabelo should do its part to protect the web's robust browser ecosystem by supporting not-for-profit efforts like Mozilla and Firefox.


We've just added support for browsers other than Chrome and Safari. You can now work with Vertabelo using Edge or Firefox.