Notes sizing and re-sizing

Rebecca Cremona 9 лет назад обновлен anonymous 8 лет назад 2
I often use the text notes feature to annotate my tables. It's unfortunate that the notes don't default to a reasonable size, but instead become wider and wider, aiming to fit an entire paragraph on one line. Thanks for letting me re-size, after the fact..... but then, if I go back and edit the text, the notes become hugely wide again, and have to be resized again. Notes should default to a reasonable width, with text-wrapping, and once resized, should keep their specified widths.
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This seems to be a really good idea. I'm quite sure we'll change current behavior to the one you've just described somewhere in the future.
To be honest, the more upvotes on this topic, the higher priority this will get.

The resizing mechanism has been changed. I hope it makes notes more user-friendly now.

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