Allow multiple imports to one model

Kent Graziano 9 year бұрын updated by Adam Mościcki 6 year бұрын 5
It would be nice to allow us to run the import or reverse engineering utility multiple times for one model. Then we can incrementally build out a design based on other databases.

I tried to import a second DDL file (with additional views) to my model and that over wrote my entire existing model. Not good.

Thankfully I was able to use the restore feature to bring back the previous version from before the import.
Under review
Thanks for sharing your idea. This feature is on our roadmap, we've already been thinking about this, but I cannot say when we'll start developing this.
Please at least add a clear warning: This import will overwrite your current model. Do you want to continue?
This may be a good idea. We'll think about it, thanks.


You can try add ddl option:

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