What would a group of 150+ cost per month?

Mark Terzano 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

I am looking at creating a group database of 150+ for real estate investments in Peru. I want to know the cost of doing this?


Do you ask about the cost of an account in Vertabelo which would allow you to create a model consisting fo 150+ tables? If so, you'd need to create a team account which costs $79/month for 5 users. You can find our pricing here:


I hope it helps.

150+ users is my goal. I would like to know the cost for 150+ users. I need pricing.Please.

The team account for 100 users costs $1199 and for 500 users costs $1999. In case of 150 users the latter is the case.

Just to make sure - are we talking about 150+ users modelling a database (creating a database model)? It's quite a lot for a single database, I'm just asking to avoid potential misunderstanding.