Can you change the reference column name default?

Cory Isaacson 7 år siden opdateret af anonymous 7 år siden 1

When I add a reference it always adds a column like: TableName_pkColumnName. I like it better when the FK reference column has the same name as the parent PK column name, so just: pkColumnName. I added the column in the FK reference manually, and it still adds the other. Then I have to delete the extra column, delete the reference and add a new reference, which is kind of a lot of work for every reference.

Any way around this?


ery fast and answered my question, thanks.

Tilfredshedsangivelse af Cory Isaacson 7 år siden

Hello. You can turn off autogeneration of FK in 'My account' tab. You have to find section 'Personal preferences', then set 'Autogeneration FK' to 'No' and save changes.

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