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Session timeout works horribly

Jorge Rodriguez 6 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Adam Mościcki 6 lat temu 1

The session timeout behaviour is really really annoying.

I agree that an idle session should become inactive after a while, but a simple reload on the browser should be enough, I always get redirected to the login page and additionally the "Remember me" feature doesn't quite work, because it seems to remember me for just a couple of hours, so what's the point of having this useless feature?

W trakcie analizy


If you have at least one tab (with Vertabelo) open, there shouldn't be any session timeouts.

Also "Remember me" is valid one month-long after login.

Everything should work as you expecting.

Do you any have browser extensions? For example, extension which clears browser cookies.

Best regards,

Adam Mościcki