Add layers to diagram objects

Jorge Rodriguez 7 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Adam Mościcki 7 jaar geleden 1

When a diagram starts to have too many objects, it becomes impossible to follow the relationship lines. Adding layers would work like this:

A table could belong to one or more user defined layers, and the user can turn on or off the visibility for each layer. For example, I could turn off all layers except for the 'accounting' layer, and I'd have a very clear view of those objects and their relation.

I don't know why no ER diagraming solution has a layering feature but this should be a must for professional diagrams, this could set you miles apart from other solutions.


Actually, Vertabelo has something like (not exact) layer you described. It is called subject area https://www.vertabelo.com/documentation/database-model-elements/areas. Only `missing` feature is the possibility of hiding areas.
Hope this helps,

Adam Mościcki