Column Defaults

Raymond Gigliotti 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
Have configuration options to set default values for new columns.

- Default data type and length
- Not Null/Nullable
- Default column name pattern

ie with table name users:
%TABLE_NAME%_id         - users_id
%SINGULAR_TABLE_NAME%_id     - user_id

This only applies to new columns created with the add column button and not foreign key columns.

Satisfaction mark by Raymond Gigliotti 9 years ago
It is hard to imagine that you can set reasonable default values for data type/length/null of column for the whole model where you usually have hundreds or thousands columns with different types/length etc. So we don't plan to implement such feature.

Regarding column name patter it duplicates the following issue:
You can vote up.
The default "NOT NULL" is becoming a real pain as 80% of the fields I enter are Nullable. So many times I create my tables and then when using them get a ton of "not null" errors.

Would it be possible to only make the following fields NOT NULL
- foreign keys created by the tool
- primary key fields