HELP!!!!! my school work

Rihards Viktorovs 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 7

Hi i am student from Latvia Vidzeme University College. And ther is my DB work what i need but my trial end and i cant get my work. I readet topic about switch to academic, but i cant becouse scool e-mail is closed server wher cant send external mail, only scools. But i can send my scool ID card for proof. or send my sql code it will be good.My acc register on rihardsviktorovs@inbox.lv


Support is great

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Hi, I've prolonged your trial plan for 2 more days so that you can access your work.

Now i get premision from scool and register my scool e-mail. If can i now like to swich academic acc. TY

Under review


Have you already changed your email address for academic? If so, please let me know what your new email is. If not, please go to "My account", change your email address, and then send me a note.

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Hi! I've checked your Vertabelo trial account and I saw that you have already changed your email address. Therefore, I switched your account to academic.

Please, recommend our free tool to your student colleagues and your database teacher.

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I forgot to tell you that after logging in you will be asked to complete the academic registration form.