Integratioin with Confluence

Rafi 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

Add the ability to integrate models from vertabelo in confluence pages.

We are looking into data modeling tools, and vertabelo looks like a great candidate.

We use confluence in the company for intranet and knowlede sharing, and therefore we will need to integrate the published models in confluence. I cannot see how this can be done.

We are not referring to a link, but rather to be able to create a view only for the model, like it is done in some of your blog posts.


The feature we use one our blog is called "public view" or "public link." It gives you the possibility to embed the model on your page, as well as access it in view-only mode without a need to log into Vertabelo.

Here's how you set it up:

1. Right-click on the model document on "Documents" and choose "Model details":

2. Create a public view / public link:

3. After choosing your preferred configuration, just embed the code on your page

You can also use public link to open the model in view-only mode.

I'm not sure if Confluence gives the possibility to embed custom HTML code, but it's how this feature works.

As for now, we don't have plans to provide any specific integration with Confluence.

Hope this helps.

And just one more note about "Public link".

If you're in any Team plan, you'll see additional settings on "My account" page. One of them refers to "Public link":

It allows any team member with "System administrator" role to enable or disable creating public links to models in entire Team account.

Please note that it affects only creating public links - any existing links will remain operational.

OK, I understand.

When a model is public, it is discoverable via search engines?

I mean I can embed the HTML in local pages on our intranet. but can the existence of the link be exposed to google search engine, so that ppl outside the company can access the models?

We do not publish links to such models anywhere and we won't do this anytime in the future. However, since it is a public link, we cannot guarantee that it won't be somehow indexed.

For maximum security, there's an in-house version of Vertabelo. You can install Vertabelo on your own servers, in your own network.