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Return a proper page name for shared urls

Scott Gartner 7 years ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 7 years ago 1

When creating a public URL, the page that the URL points to has a very generic name, specifically "Vertabelo - Design Your Database Online" (this is what comes up on Quora when posting the public URL).  What this means is that when I post the public URL into a Quora answer, I have to edit the title.  Also, the page title in the browser, while I'm editing, is "Vertabelo" so if I want to bookmark the design, I don't get any help (nor do I get any help when searching through tab titles, since every Vertabelo tab has the same name). 

Since I've given the document a perfectly good title, how about reflecting that in the page title, like "Vertabelo - My Great Database Schema" or even better "My Great Database Schemas - Vertabelo".  This would solve all of these cases and others where the page title is seen