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Nothing on Vertabelo is loading

Amy Chau 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

The whole screen is blank and nothing loads.

Under review

How long did it last?

We didn't have any maintenance break, our monitoring didn't raise any alert. Also, no one else reported such problem.

It's been stuck on that page every time I click on any of my files.

It looks like some JavaScript code problem. Do you use any ad-blocking plugins? We've been informed by some of our users that they experienced similar behavior when using AdBlock and other plugins.

If you use such extension, can you please disable it and try again? Please let us know if it helped.

I disabled adblock and it still shows the same thing.

I can see JavaScript errors from your browser in our logs. I double checked it and there's no other user with the same errors. This makes me almost sure that it's your browser issue. Most probably some Chrome extension interferes with our JS.

Can you please try to log into Vertabelo in incognito mode with all extensions disabled?