Help me! I can't download pdf. Network error

keifuchigami86 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 5

I have generated pdf file. but I can't download it. Network error is happened. Help me!!

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Can you send us a screenshot with the error you see?

I have clicked the print icon in the toolbar, and generate the pdf file. And then I was trying to download this pdf file, but this issue happened. 

OK, I see. I managed to reproduce the problem. It turns out that the feature works well for smaller models but fails on bigger ones. It's caused by browsers limitations and incompatibilities.

We'll fix it as soon as possible. The fix should be available with a next application release.

There's a workaround which isn't handy but should work. Since the feature works well for smaller models, you can create an empty model and copy&paste the parts of original model and then generate partial PDFs. As I said, it's just a temporary workaround, we'll fix PDF generation for larger models.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

Thanks for your kind reply. I can do it by using Safari on Mac. 

In Google Chrome, I can generate the pdf file, but could not download it.

Please try again. I'm looking forward to next release version. I would like to use chrome.


The issue you reported should now be fixed. Please check it and let us know if it works well.