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Revert expired trial account to free trial

Jason Horner 9 років тому оновлено albertogutierrezrr 1 місяць тому 2
my trial account expired and I selected the higher level plan. Now I seem to stuck in a loop and unable to revert to the free plan.

is this possible?
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Unfortunately, we no longer offer a free plan.
Therefore, if a user changes a legacy free account plan to one of currently offered plans, there's no way back. He can't downgrade to a free plan.
I see that your trial period has ended so I prolonged it till October 10 so you could download your models as SQL code.

Good morning. Can you extend my free (a somelittles few days) account please? Because i need download my model in sql structure. Thank you very much. My free acount is albertogutierrezrr@gmail.com