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fields/column color and formatting

Sergio Sardo il y a 5 ans mis à jour par Jarosław Błąd (CEO) il y a 2 ans 2

It could be very nice to have the opportunity to change font color or other formats (bold, italic,...) for specific fields.

For example I have a large db with a set of columns which repeats in any important table, and I'd like to have these fields/columns greyed out or in different format, just to remember these fields cannot be changed in a single table without breaking a standard


Yes please add this. It would also be useful to provide coloring by aggregatable fields (facts/measures), foreign key coloring to other subject areas (such as date) without showing the key, etc..

À l'étude

Adding coloring schemas for different diagram elements is on our road map. However it is not scheduled yet for a particular quarter/month.