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I can't seem to register for a student account, can you please assist?

Chris Maitland 7 лет назад обновлен Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 7 лет назад 5

When I click the 'sign up now' for student accounts, it takes me back to the sites main page

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On which page is the link that you click? Is it "Pricing" page?

Please follow this link: https://my.vertabelo.com/sign-up/create-academic

Hi Michal,

Thanks, I've setup my student account (using it now) however the team & I can no longer edit our ER Diagram as it was created on the old trial account. Can you please assist?


You need to export the model from the old account, import it to the new one and then share it again with your team.

Hi Michal, When I login to the old account (trial) I do not see the document - so I cannot export it. Can you please assist?

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Hi Chris,

Could you tell what document are you trying to export? I've checked your account and there are only "demo" documents.

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