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comment commander une licence ?

isabelle 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1

Bonjour Nous sommes des revendeurs Informatiques pour 1 client j'ai besoin de commander

une licence Annuel Verbato? comment faire ?

Under review

Bonjour, je suis desole mais la seul langue que nous utilisons est l'anglais, pas francais.

Do you want to purchase access to our SaaS platform or buy an in-house license (Vertabelo installation on your servers)?

In the first case, we don't support annual payments. We accept only monthly charges with a credit card. You can provide your billing details on "My account" -> "Buy subscription" page.

In case of in-house license, you'd need to register on my.vertabelo.com and go to "My account" page. On the bottom you'll find "In-house licenses" section where you can buy one.