How do i move a model into my team account ?

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I have bought a team subscription... but your system won't let me move my models ? How do I move them into team account ?
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You have to download the model as XML file and then import it into your team account using the XML import feature. We're working to make this process simpler but for now you have to move the models manually.
OK this is very disappointing. It wasn't clear that I was buying a subscription which wouldn't unlock all the models shared with me. I've basically bought your product to unlock more capacity, paid a substantial team fee, but all my models remain locked !!!

Why can't you do this for me? I don't want to export / import all the XML. Either this or please refund me. Thankyou.
We can move models to your team account for you but all users sharing the model have to be members of the team account before we do this. I see that they are all invited to the team account, so they only have to accept the invitations.
I'm having the same issue right now. Would you be able to move a model that's currently in progress to my team account?
We can do this but you share the model with a user who is not a member of the team account.
I can either create a new model with the latest version of the existing model (in fact you can do this yourself with XML export/import) and you'd need to share the model with this user once again, or I can wait until this user is a member of the team account and then move the model with entire versions history.

Which option do you choose?
I'll just XML export and re-import! Thank you!