is there a way to add audit columns to every table in a data model?

Alan Nitikman 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Standard Audit Columns must be added, in the Physical Data Model, to every table in the data model.  These would include the usual -- CreateUserid, CreateTimestamp, UpdateUserid, UpdateTimestamp, LoadID, BatchID, etc. I avoid these in the LDM, as it's irrelevant to the documentation of business requirements.

With other tools I've used in the past, this was generally handled in a macro, or otherwise automated in some way. I don't see any way, in Vertabelo, to add a standard set of attributes/columns to more than one table at a time.  Is there such a feature?  For a large data model, this can be a significant amount of busy work.


There is no way to add/remove columns on many tables at a time.

You can create a `template` table with needed columns and then copy & paste this template table or copy & paste columns.

In order to copy columns:

1. Select the source table.

1. Hold Ctrl key (Command key on Mac).

2. Select columns to copy.

3. Push Ctrl + C

4. Select the target table.

5. Push Ctrl + V

Hope this helps.

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Adam Mościcki

Okay. Thanks. It's messy, but it works. The boxes are resized when I paste, which throws all of my carefully-drawn relationships out of whack. Can't you do a check, first, to see if there's enough space in the table graphic to house the new columns and, if so, don't resize the table/box?  I take significant time to draw my models and size the boxes so that relationship lines minimally cross, and this screws all of that up every time I paste columns.