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Blog article on dimension types not complete

Mike Christie 6 years ago updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 6 years ago 1

The article at https://www.vertabelo.com/blog/technical-articles/dimensions-of-dimensions-a-look-at-data-warehousings-most-common-dimensional-table-types is very useful but there are multiple times in the article where content is missing.  For example, under SCD 1 it says this:

"If we look at the data before the change, we’d see this:

If the account type has changed, the data would simply be overwritten:"

However nothing has been added for these two comments so we don't get to see the associated data.

This happens in quite a few places in the article where I'm guessing the writer meant to go back and add images or tables etc but forgot to do it.

Just thought I'd let you know - I'm trying to refresh myself on all things dimensional and have read quite a few of your blog articles and found them very good, but this one disappoints a little in that it is not complete.

Under review


Thanks for your message, we will take o look at it.

Did you notice any other defect in any of the articles? If so, please send us links to them.