Where are the ORM tools?

Alexey Pikulik 9 ár síðan updated by anonymous 9 ár síðan 4
You've mentioned ORM Tools in Show features list at http://www.vertabelo.com/pricing/plans
I drastically interested in PHP>Propel feature but can't find it in my free account interface.

Under review
our ORM Tools are described on Vertabelo Blog.

Integration with Propel is described here: http://www.vertabelo.com/blog/vertabelo-news/vertabelo-propel-howto
and the source code is on Github: https://github.com/Vertabelo/VertabeloPropel
Thanks for fast reply!
Actually I'm looking for the way to import Propel's schema.xml into the Vertabelo.
I there any way I can do that?
As for now, there's no tool to convert Propel's schema.xml to the Vertabelo XML.
However, you can import your model into Vertabelo in two ways:
1) use our reverse-engineering tool: http://www.vertabelo.com/blog/documentation/reverse-engineering (it's a Java app)
2) use Import SQL feature; it's available only for "Premium" and "Team" account plans, but you may switch to trial to see how it works.