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It would be nice to work with diagram using dark theme. I suppose many developers use dark-theme editors. and it's hard for eyes to switch to light themes.
Under review
Well, this seems to be "nice to have" but is not "mission-critical". I'll leave the topic open for more feedback by upvotes or comments.

Ratio + my eyes hurt + skain 0/14


I vote for this too, it would match all my other systems (and native support is better than a chrome extension)


Dark themes are better for the eyes. And working long hours on a diagram, that would be an ultra nice to have!

I have pretty much stopped using the product because of the lack of dark mode & they dropped the sync to live database. I have found a few SQL dev tools with built in schema/diagrams. None are as good as Vertabelo, but the literal headaches from eyestrain made it not worth it. I wonder how many users they have lost for the same reasons.


Dark mode is available on production now.