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Please add autoformating

ShaunL 9 years ago updated by Brian Hartman 8 years ago 5
I'd like to request some minimal auto formatting such as snapping to align tables and/or some other means of automatically arranging the canvas.
Under review
Thanks for the feature request.

While there's a possibility to format/rearrange selected tables using "Size", "Align" and "Distribution" options from the toolbar, auto-formatting doesn't seem to be that much needed improvement. I'll leave the topic open for any further discussion.
I guess what I'm asking is for tables to auto align to existing elements on the canvas.  It should snap to the alignment of other tables rather than having to select both and align from the menu.
I'd like to see whole diagram auto formatting. I imported a model from MySQL and it was a bit of mess. I like to avoid lines crossing which can sometime require a bit of re-organisation, be nice if I could press a button to do it instead.

Completely agree! A lot of time is lost as a data modeler in making all tables and relationships legible. This is a must have capability in my opinion.


Yes - I came here looking for the arrange feature. I use this tool as an ERD creator, which isn't as helpful when I have to rearrange the tables for visual presentation. I have to import it into SQL Server then use their auto arrange feature to make the diagram legible.