The SQL script generated do not contain the table and column description.

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I have keyed in description for all tables and columns. When I generate the SQL script, the script does not contain description or comment. This is quite troublesome when I create the table in postgresql, I need to rekey-in all the description again.
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We've just started working on generating descriptions/comments in the SQL scripts. The plan is to release it before Christmas. I'll let you know when the feature is available.
Table and column descriptions are now generated as comments for table/column
When I click "SQL Preview", I still cannot see any column descriptions.

Kindly assist. Thank you.
You have to check the checkbox "Generate comments for database objects" in the SQL generation settings. See the screenshot. Make sure the focus is not on any tables to see the Model properties panel.

I'm sorry I forgot to write about it in my previous answer.

I know this item is 4 years old; however, it no longer appears to function. 

I would suggest that I'm doing something wrong, but I do not get any of my manually entered comments in the SQL scripts. Even with following the above instructions. This is January 9, 2019. 

Has this feature been deprecated? 

My target database is SQLite, but I don't see how that should alter the creation of comments.

I've placed comments on many tables and relationships as a reminder of my thought process. It would be nice if these items appeared in the SQL scripts generated.

Any suggestions as to what might  be an issue with my model?

Also doesn't appear to work with Redshift, would be interested to know if this has been resolved.