Disable scroll to zoom

Nima Jalali 8 years ago updated by Austin Kurtz 7 years ago 8
I use a magic mouse and constantly zoom in and out.

Any way to disable scroll to zoom? 
Under review
There is no way to disable the zoom now but we'll soon add it. Thanks for the suggestion. I have awarded you 3 bonus points for this request. You can read more about our bonus points program here: http://www.vertabelo.com/bonus-points
Now you can disable/enable scroll to zoom. Just go to the section Preferences in "My account" module. 
Awesome! I was just going to request this feature. Just downloaded Vertabelo yesterday and started playing. I will most certainly be getting a paid plan. Very slick! I just found ActiveForms too. I'll be taking a look at that tomorrow.
Essential I'd say. Wish I could turn it off in Google Maps, it's a nightmare.

Anyway, could we also have an option to allow scrolling instead - that's what mouse scrolling should be used for.
Thanks - my magic mouse was killing me!

THANK GOODNESS. The two-finger scrolling on my Mac trackpad was insanely sensitive and making the app nearly unusable. That was the only thing standing between me and a paid plan. Thanks for implementing this!