Under review

Advanced Table Column Editing

Raymond Gigliotti 9 years ago updated by Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 9 years ago 1
  1. Having an interface to manage the width of the right side bar would be great. The column name input is too small.
  2. When you are in the last row of the column and your last tab click after primary key should create a new row for adding another column. Also the expand and delete icons should not be selectable via tabbing.
  3. Add auto complete column data types so that it makes this step much faster. 
    1. ie: "VAR" => "VARCHAR"
Under review
Ad. 1 It is on the way. We plan it to have on production in February.
Ad. 2 Interesting improvement. We will add it do our roadmap of UI/UX enhancement.
Ad. 3 To be considered. The little problem is that it can conflict with popping up column type selector (Enter key). We will analyze it.