Super type and sub type representation

Ted Manasa 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, I run Enterprise Data Warehouse for Indeed. We subscribed to your tool for its collaboration and model versioning capabilities. Because we use our data models to reach mutual understanding of data with the business, we would benefit greatly from being able to represent super type and sub type relationships in our Vertabelo diagrams; the business understands that an "advertiser" is a sub type of "customer", but has a harder time understanding why we might put those two things in separate tables. Can this functionality be added?


Hi Ted,

On physical data model there is no such notation to indicate generalization relationship, so it is not possible. However we are working now on introducing logical data model to Vertabelo, which will have such feature. Logical data model represents a higer lever of abstraction and it is especially dedicated to work with the business. This type of model should be available within three months.

The only way to show that two tables are in "generalization relationship" on physical data model is to use short text notes on diagram.

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Thanks for the response. I'm very encouraged to hear about logical modeling functionality being added this quarter. If there is a beta tester program, I and my team would be interested.