Import SQL Not working

Kristen Milner 5 years ago updated by Adam Mościcki 5 years ago 5

Looks like you recently updated the UI, removing the import DDL button from the toolbar and instead putting it under the left menu (with model name). Took me a while to find it, but eventually I did.  BUT, when I try to copy/paste my DDL (generated from existing SQL Server database) into the popup box, it does not behave as expected. Rather than pasting the text I have on my clipboard, it ignores the popup and simply adds a random table (unrelated to the DDL I have on my clipboard) to my model. Not sure when this change took effect, but perhaps it introduced a bug. 

Import SQL is not the only paste that is having issues. When I copy text onto my clipboard and then open my model, I can paste that text into the table name textbox. And I can paste that text into a column name for a table. But when I try to paste the same text (same clipboard session) into the table comments textbox, it instead pastes a random table into my model (the same table that it was pasting into my model when I tried to import the DDL as explained in my original comment.)  

As I continue to struggle on this, I realize that it's probably not as much a problem with Import SQL as it is a generalized (but not universal) paste problem.


You are right. We are working on it.

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