Export PNG diagram is not working.​ I'm on Safari.

Richard Roose 8 years ago updated by Marcus Deschamps 6 years ago 7

Export PNG diagram is not working. I'm on Safari.

Under review

The most common cause of this is browser blockig pop-up windows. We've written about it in our knowledgebase:


Please make sure you allow my.vertabelo.com domain to show pop-ups.

Export to PNG button is working but It's not getting downloaded . Though I have only 37 entities in y E-R diagram. It's giving warning message that image is too big and might crash your browser. What could I do to get it downoaded?

It is not working at all, something seems wrong in conversion script to image. Is this feature worked for this tool, I am new to this tool and evaluating for my team as recommended by a freind.



We've deployed a fix to production. Please try again and let us know if it helped. Thanks.